Observations of Aging


This morning during my morning coffee I became aware of the progression of aging in my Max.  A little more scruffy and not so fluffy anymore.  As in his youth he would sit next to his bowl and stare at me until I became conscious of his needs.  Now in his progressive age, and to my surprise, he warbles, chants and hums his lofty requests.  He is constant at supplying inspiration and humor for me even before I start my day.  Here is hoping  that you have a Max in your life.


My Max when young would sit and stare

When what he wanted was not there

So in his youth he’d visualize

To what he wanted with his eyes

Now more mature impatient he

And what he’d wish his dish to be

Is arbitrary his voice his plea






Petunia yawns and rounds her back with all fur straight on end.

It’s much to bright, I’ll lose my sight if I cannot defend,

Myself from all those things that twirl outside my window sill.

They dance and race, they fly through space, I’ll catch them yes I will.

I see the door open once more, then I dart outside.

EEEK it’s cold, it’s wet, I fold my toes, ooops then I slide.

I flop and flip, can’t get my grip, my toenails fill with ice.

I think I’ll hide myself inside so that I do not slip,

And let the things that have white wings yet be another trip.


by N. Saunders

I have written nearly 20 poems about my cat in my poetry book called “The Perils of Petunia.”  Since the snow has been such a challenge to man and beast I thought that I would share with you a cats perspective.

Islamic extremism Political or Biblical?

“Apologists for extremism like to argue that Islamist hate us for good reason.  They attack the West because of the awful things the West has done to them, and because Europe has miserably failed to integrate its Muslim population.  But they also kill infidels next door.  It is clarifying to keep in mind that Islamist hatred is not confined to us.  Its real motive is the logic of fanaticism.”   Margaret Wente of the Canadian Globe and Mail describing the threat to the Middle East’s Christian population.  March 29, 2016.  Make no mistake to assume that they only target the Western nations.  They continually leave their countrymen and Muslims dead in their attacks.  This is because their roots of Islamic extremism do not lie in politics or geopolitical tension, but in the biblical history and what the Scripture has foretold will come.

Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar are the key players in this on going saga determining the final outcome in biblical proportions.

Abraham’s faith listening to Sarah, Sarah’s non compliance with God’s message and the appalling treatment of Hagar causing her to run away, have left us in this state of affairs…Genesis 16.

Now we ask ourselves, ” Is there compatibility between our cultures?  Can we coexist peacefully?”  The enlightening answer could be found when everyday  Muslims investigate the Quran and hadith , bypassing tradition and their imams’ interpretations, they read the violence of the jihad in the foundations of their faith.  While most Muslims are non-violent and do not take Islamic literature encouraging violence literally, the theology of extremism is there.  Bible prophecy indicates that this disastrous conflict will come to a head……taken from Beyond Today magazine.






When Mother Nature presents a backdrop as glorious as Spring, then comes the time to cherish each wondrous afternoon. Spring arrives with a reckless abandon and bursting with color dappled on a field of green.  With budding trees and blooming flowers dressed in a fanfare of candy-colored hues, Spring lightens our hearts, spirits, and give us a most exhilarating feeling that all is right in the world again.  Once more we emerge from our homes with plow shares at our sides to give aid to the surroundings we are jubilant to welcome as we refurbish the soil for our presentation of beauty.  Cheers to all that await so diligently for that first sun with seeds, soil, and many glorious images floating and fluttering before us.  To all of you who celebrate the Glory in the Flower I invite you to follow my Pinterest page called “Portraits of Beauties”.

Venture in my garden with all the flowers akin,

They feed the inner silence,

And quench the soul within, with sudden burst of color excites all senses then,

To spur the mirth of self rebirth,

Each day anew again.

N. Saunders