Hello world!

The dictionary quotes that coterie is a group of persons who associate closely for social purposes. My explanation of Cottage Coterie is a group of people tied in some way to the past with a vision of warmth of the hearth, and a passion to re-create a vision that signifies their love of past times. To take a tattered, sometimes discarded item or home to be loved and brought to its pinnacle once more. To give new birth and inclusion, to be embraced. WELCOME to The Cottage Coterie, a place to be embraced by all.

3 thoughts on “Hello world!

    • Finally checking in to my other world. As you know I have been busy doing the work that seems to hide from you until you’re there to fix something else. The bottomless pit has come to haunt me once more. With usually a 4 hour window to achieve I do the most that I can for a short period of time allowed. Keeping up with selective watering is my constant companion, coffee the other. Just an weak endeavor to keep up.

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