The Beach

Living in Seattle all of my life was comforting to me.  A place where I knew I could never get lost.  Sure, there were roads I had never traveled, but the main highways by-passed everything that was not of consequence.  I worked at the largest company there, and the 7 to 3 grind was more than I could stand.  For me Seattle was a lonely place with everyone rushing to multi-task their life away.  I lived in a beautiful spot in Redondo Beach.  Saltys was our local restaurant, and the Cessna Castle was grandiose to drive by every day elevated on the hillside by the water.  Still I was lonely!  My home was simple, not as impressive as many of the homes surrounding mine, but the view was amazing!  The house had at one time been the first hunting lodge in that area many years before.  The interior mostly made up of pine walls, and waxed end cut 2×4’s in a herringbone pattern had been placed lovingly for the floors.  An additional lot with tall trees towered on one side. In my mind I pictured the hunters coming in with their bounty after a good days hunt in the woods.  With all of that, what was the attraction that drew me elsewhere?


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