The Beach Bed and Breakfast

An area with 13 festivals, was clearly a draw for visitors.  A local restaurant just steps away, that had been supported by James Beard, an author and chef, was exceptionally beneficial.  The restaurant’s penchant for local mushrooms, seafood, and delectable bakery goods was the main attraction.  It is no longer open, but when it was there was a flurry of excited patrons to to fill it throughout the Spring and Summer season.  All of the happenings kept the Bed & Breakfast owners hopping. I guess I am giving this information to you who  aspire or dream of having one someday, and to check the draw to your area.  Depending where you are interested being the mountains, sea, prairie, country or urban areas, all of this plays an encompassing factor.  I ran mine for a period of approximately 12 years with an easy access to entertainment of all types.  I saw a B&B in an issue of Country Living years ago in the town of Poulsbo, Washington.  As I said before the large company in which I had worked was not my calling.  I was looking for a different venue.

The Awakening – As I look out my window on the world below, I view a sky of wonder birds, clouds, and hills asunder.  Then next below Cypress trees and boy with barge in tow.  The beauty of it makes me breathe and mirrors thoughts each day.  To say “Why me”?  “How could it be that I’ve been blessed this way.”  I will accept your kindness of letting me reside, in such a panorama held near before my eyes.

N. Saunders


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