When Mother Nature presents a backdrop as glorious as Spring, then comes the time to cherish each wondrous afternoon. Spring arrives with a reckless abandon and bursting with color dappled on a field of green.  With budding trees and blooming flowers dressed in a fanfare of candy-colored hues, Spring lightens our hearts, spirits, and give us a most exhilarating feeling that all is right in the world again.  Once more we emerge from our homes with plow shares at our sides to give aid to the surroundings we are jubilant to welcome as we refurbish the soil for our presentation of beauty.  Cheers to all that await so diligently for that first sun with seeds, soil, and many glorious images floating and fluttering before us.  To all of you who celebrate the Glory in the Flower I invite you to follow my Pinterest page called “Portraits of Beauties”.

Venture in my garden with all the flowers akin,

They feed the inner silence,

And quench the soul within, with sudden burst of color excites all senses then,

To spur the mirth of self rebirth,

Each day anew again.

N. Saunders





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