All Bed and Breakfasts Need Not Be Grand

“All bed and breakfasts need not be grand, just a key in one hand and love in the other”. I found this “Per chance vision seen through the trees, a glance enhanced with memories, of days before the walls surround, mirage of images abound.” This venture started with a small dark picture in the corner of a real estate office, hardly noticeable at all. Restructure and decay was what everyone else saw. With my penchant for loving all such structures, I saw a vision.

I began with one suite, and grew to love my guests with each stay. When comparing stories at our association meetings, I found that mine seemed to have a different ring, a happier note, a warmer tone. Wondering I asked myself why? Perhaps, when welcomed, I spent some time with these new found friends, enjoying them and feeling somewhat guilty when they presented payment as they left. Could it be that I felt that I had already received my reward of conversation, spirited and enthusiastic at times, and occasionally mellow at others.

They, on return, would bring to me fine wine, books, and decor to delight me. With them they also brought a kindness, warmth, generosity and gave to me a feeling of self worth that will surely keep me content.

If I could I would thank each and every one of them for their contribution of love to my life. I would also give this as a validation to all that aspire one of their own. Remember that all bed and breakfasts need not be grand, just a key in one hand, and a genuine love for your fellow man in the other.
– The people come, the people go, What be the reason this I know. To make their peace I shall be deemed, To make their travel effortless not stressful, As their quiet escape is pressed full, of disembarkment to arrive, which only let the strong survive.
N. Saunders


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